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Big Kayfun V3.1 ES Rebuildable Atomizer-26650

Big Kayfun V3.1 ES Rebuildable Atomizer-26650

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  • DEPTH:  29MM
  • HEIGHT: 100MM
  • WIDTH:   29MM
  • WEIGHT: 257g
  • 510
COLOR  Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel 


1*Big Kayfun 3.1

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04:23 (GMT)
Big Kayfun 3.1 ES with Assaf mod´s

  • The ASSAF mod´s (top cylindrical cap, for air outlet) to modify the final ventilation of the Big Kayfun -26650 and Kayfun in general, you're changing the way of how to use the Dual Coil in these models.

    Would be good increase the distance between the two screws of the positive pole in 1 mm, is the ideal for Assaf mod´s.

    to give it 5 stars, I do not take into account the poor quality control .... that is susceptible of improvement.
    to see the videos, visit my channel on youtube.
    JR Vaping.
  • Watch my video
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00:12 (GMT)
avoid the tobeco, or cannibalize the two
  • Made the mistake of getting the Tobeco clone; it has the same 1:1 innards of the 3.1, larger barrels and base, but with an O-ring-only drip tip; I got it to put on my Hammer, to drop it in my pocket with no concerns about leaking or loosening; the Tobeco drip tip isn't secure and I don't want to knock around a better drip tip in my pocket.

    But, the tobeco is single coil, directly above the airway.

    But, the tobeco gargles regardless of how I seal the vacuum, and leaks though the barrel's airhole.

    So I have to get this, at least to use the top cap and screw-on drip tip, and if it is built like AC's 3.1 (reason to believe they're the same manufacturer) I might let the Tobeco collect dust. You can single coil with this by extending the positive end to the second positive post, which puts 1/3 of the coil above the airway. No idea why they designed it to miss the airway with both coils.

    I'm in it only for the drug, so kayfun's severely restricted airway is a huge plus for me. I'm carrying AC's 3.1 22mm in my pocket without any leaking problems, and for some reason with two barrel holes it's much more possible to get a true vacuum seal than the "new improved" single barrel hole and adjustable on the base. Most likely this will replace the Tobeco as there's not much right about that clone.
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Verified Buyer 12:12 (GMT)
  • more than 2 month(s)
Great tank size - Poor air flow
  • For a big tank system such as this it definitely delivers, but at the cost of air flow. One would think that since everything on this tank system has been upgraded in size, you'd think the air flow would match. That isnt the case here.
  • Capacity and looks
  • Poor air flow
  • Price
  • Quality
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13:54 (GMT)
Could use redesign
  • Still looking for something similar to a full size Russian. I liked the fill port on the side and the finish of this tank, but the desk and airflow is horrible. A single coil deck would have been better. The airflow is horrible and there is hardly any vapor production out of this. I've tried different coil setups using cotton wicks and the the airflow hinders vapor production. My single coil setup on my full size Russian blows plumes of vapor using the same juice. Fix the deck design, improve airflow, and you have a gem here.
  • 26650 size
  • Airflow and desk design
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17:03 (GMT)
no good build deck
  • build deck is set up for duel coil but airflow doesnt work
  • size
  • build deck
  • huge
  • Manufacturer, build deck
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01:45 (GMT)
Huge : 1/3 of an Oz. or 10 ml.
  • Its large, lots of juice. easy to work with, zero leaks, nicely milled fittings and finishing. Just don't drop it on your toe.

    But longer would have looked better on a mod then it being fatter as it is.

    Whats next? one the size of a can of soda?

    tip: just use one coil if that's what you are use to making/using.
  • Its large, lots of juice.
  • Price, Quality, Manufacturer, easy to work with, zero leaks, nicely milled fittings and finishing
  • But longer would have looked better on a mod then it being fatter as it is.
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