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Credit Card Payment Method Rule


1. We only accept credit card payment method for order amount less than 100USD,pls choose PayPal 
as payment method if your order exceed this amount otherwise you can’t check out the order. 



2. If you have any problem with order, pls contact our customer service first:
we don’t work on weekend and statutory holidays, if you don’t receive reply, we are may on holiday.


3. Refund: credit card payment refund will cost about 15-25 days, so if you are not very sure you want the order, 
we recommend PayPal as payment method. if you need refund, pls contact our customer service to issue refund for you, 
and the money will cost about 15-25 days to your account.


4. Privacy: We can’t check your credit card information, all information you input will be direct sent to credit card company 
but not us, so your information is safe.


5. Do not use the credit card which not belong to you, we will not ship the order if billing address is different with shipping address.


6. Any credit card fraud will be report to police, do not even try it.


7.Why my credit card get charged little more than the order amount?   


It caused by currency exchange. Our credit card gateway only support China currency, so when you use credit card pay with US Dollar, 
our bank will exchange your US dollar bill to Chinese RMB bill and send the money request to your bank,but your bank is US Bank, so they 
will exchange this RMB bill to US dollar bill,  after 2 times currency exchange,the real amount get charged will higher than the order amount. 
Except this, few bank will charge fee for international payment. 


Blocked countries:


Hongkong, Lebanon,UAE(United Arab Emirates),Singapore,Mexico,Brazil,Malaysia,Argentina,Denmark,New Zealand. 



Our products are only intended for committed smokers of legal smoking age and not by non-smokers, children, women who are pregnant.

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