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EZ Dripper Self Standing Pump-Easiest Way To Refill Your Atomizer(ONLY SHIP TO USA)

EZ Dripper Self Standing Pump-Easiest Way To Refill Your Atomizer(ONLY SHIP TO USA) (260-ez)

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What is the EZ Dripper?

 If you vape and have a car, you need to get one of these.
Gone are the days of trying to steer with your knees while you re-drip your atty.
No more trying to hurry up and drip at a red light. No more juice in your lap because you had to keep your eyes on the road while you dripped your atty.
This device sticks right to your windshield, window, or any smooth flat surface in your car and allows you to drip the perfect amount every time!

How the EZ Dripper Works?

The EZ Dripper is made up of two main pieces; the tank, and the mounting bracket.
The mounting bracket uses a heavy duty suction cup to stick to any smooth flat surface.
It has a locking hinge with 145° range of motion, get it in any position you want.
By using the small knob you can loosen the hinge, get it in the right position, and then lock it back in place with just one hand.
The tank design for the EZ Dripper is brilliant.It has a removable cap to prevent unwanted dripping and keep dust/dirt out of it.
To fill the tank you just unscrew the cap and pour your juice in. That easy!
The EZ Dripper tank slides in and out of the mounting bracket very easily, but it is snug enough to stay in place when you want it to. 
To use the EZ Dripper all you have to do is put your atomizer up to the tip and push.
It gives you the same amount of juice every time. 2 pumps is perfect to go from dry cotton to saturated cotton and a little extra in the juice well.
Every Vaper should have one of these!

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just great
  • every one needs one of these, even if you don't use it in a car it is practical everywhere,
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